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Elementary Music Teacher

About North Side Community School

Are you a mission driven individual who believes every child deserves an excellent education in a warm, caring, nurturing, and rigorous school environment?  Do you believe every day should be a fresh start for a child? Does the idea of helping children grow, develop, and achieve success despite societal barriers excite you?  If so, North Side Community School may be the perfect place for you!

North Side Community School is a PreK – 8th grade charter public school in the City of St. Louis founded in 2009 with an enrollment of approximately 500 students. The most important word in our name is community. We are a community of small classrooms (15 to 18 students per class), amazing educators, and caring parents working every day to ensure our children succeed! 

North Side Community School operates across three campuses (early childhood center, elementary campus, and middle school campus). We are free (no tuition), public, and open to all. North Side consistently provides a high-quality education often ranked as one of the best public schools in the City of St. Louis and the State of Missouri. Most of our students live in the most challenging neighborhoods in St. Louis and 100% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

Small class sizes, differentiated instruction, individualized attention, and AMAZING educators are the keys to our students’ success!


With a minimum starting salary of $50,000, we offer a generous compensation package including an array of benefits including assistance with advanced education. 


Position Summary

North Side Community School is seeking an Elementary Music Teacher.  If you are an experienced educator with a passion for children of all ages, WE WANT TO MEET YOU! The Elementary School Music Teacher at North Side Community School in St. Louis, Missouri, plays a vital role in fostering a love for music and providing students with a well-rounded education. This position involves creating a positive and engaging learning environment, developing students’ musical abilities, and contributing to the overall educational experience at our elementary campus.


Essential Functions

  1. Curriculum Development:
    1. Design a comprehensive, age-appropriate music curriculum that aligns with state and national standards.
    2. Integrate diverse musical genres, styles, and cultural elements to provide a well-rounded musical education.
    3. Continuously evaluate and update the curriculum to reflect best practices in music education.
  2. Instructional Delivery:
    1. Create and deliver engaging and interactive music lessons that cater to various learning styles, fostering a love for music among students.
    2. Employ innovative teaching methods and technology to enhance the learning experience.
    3. Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with varying levels of musical proficiency.
  3. Ensemble Direction:
    1. Organize and direct school musical ensembles, guiding students in choral, instrumental, or other performance groups.
    2. Plan and coordinate rehearsals, ensuring students develop teamwork, discipline, and a sense of accomplishment through musical collaboration.
    3. Facilitate opportunities for students to showcase their talents through concerts, recitals, and community events.
  4. Assessment and Feedback:
    1. Implement ongoing assessments to evaluate students’ musical progress and understanding.
    2. Provide constructive and timely feedback to students, helping them set and achieve musical goals.
    3. Collaborate with colleagues to establish meaningful and consistent assessment practices within the music department.
  5. Collaboration:
    1. Collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate music into interdisciplinary lessons, reinforcing connections between music and other subjects.
    2. Participate in professional learning communities and collaborative planning sessions to enhance the overall educational experience for students.
    3. Engage in open communication with colleagues to create a supportive and cohesive learning environment.
  6. Community Engagement:
    1. Actively engage with parents, caregivers, and the community through regular communication, performances, and events.
    2. Organize and participate in outreach programs to promote the importance of music education within the school and the broader community.
    3. Collaborate with local artists, musicians, and organizations to enrich students’ exposure to diverse musical experiences.


Skills & Characteristics

  1. Musical Proficiency:
    1. Mastery of various musical instruments and a comprehensive understanding of music theory.
    2. Proficient in vocal techniques for choral instruction.
    3. Ability to demonstrate and convey musical concepts effectively.
  2. Passion for Education:
    1. Genuine enthusiasm for teaching and a commitment to fostering a love for music among students.
    2. Dedication to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that encourages student engagement and participation.
    3. Patience and the ability to inspire students to explore and appreciate the world of music.
  3. Communication Skills:
    1. Clear and articulate verbal communication skills to effectively convey musical concepts and instructions.
    2. Strong written communication skills for creating lesson plans, assessments, and communicating with parents and colleagues.
    3. Active listening skills to understand and respond to students’ needs and concerns.
  4. Collaborative Spirit:
    1. Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues in the music department and across disciplines.
    2. Openness to sharing ideas, resources, and expertise with fellow educators.
    3. Willingness to contribute to a positive and collaborative school culture.
  5. Adaptability:
    1. Flexibility to tailor music lessons to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities.
    2. Ability to adapt to changing circumstances and integrate new technologies and teaching methods into the music curriculum.
    3. Openness to feedback and continuous professional growth.
  6. Cultural Competence:
    1. Sensitivity to the diverse cultural backgrounds of students and an understanding of the role of music in different cultures.
    2. Inclusion of diverse musical traditions and genres in the curriculum to reflect the cultural richness of the student body.
    3.  Commitment to creating a culturally responsive and inclusive music education environment.
  7. Organizational Skills:
    1. Effective time management and organizational skills to plan and execute music lessons, rehearsals, and performances.
    2. Detail-oriented approach to managing administrative tasks related to music programs and events.
    3.  Ability to coordinate logistics for concerts, recitals, and other musical presentations.
  8. Inspirational Leadership:
    1. Inspiring and motivating students to reach their full musical potential.
    2. Ability to instill a sense of discipline, teamwork, and pride in students participating in musical ensembles.
    3. Positive role modeling for students in terms of professionalism, dedication, and a passion for music.


Education, Certification, Experience

  • Required Education:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, Music, or a related field is essential.
  • Teaching certification or licensure in the state of Missouri is required (or ability to receive reciprocal certification).
  • Required Experience:
  • Demonstrated experience teaching music at the elementary level.
  • Experience in designing and implementing a comprehensive music curriculum.
  • Proven success in directing and leading musical ensembles or choirs.
  • Preferred Experience:
  • Familiarity with the Missouri state standards for music education.
  • Experience in integrating technology into music education.

At North Side Community School, we value a combination of education and practical experience to ensure our Elementary School Music Teacher is well-equipped to provide high-quality music education to our students. The preferred qualifications are indicative of the desired qualities that would further enhance the candidate’s ability to excel in this role. North Side Community School is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a policy of equal treatment for all individuals applying to the school. North Side Community School does not discriminate based on race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.


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