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About North Side Community School

North Side Community School is a PreK – 8th grade charter public school in the City of St. Louis founded in 2009 with an enrollment of approximately 500 students. The most important word in our name is community. We are a community of small classrooms (15 to 18 students per class), amazing educators, and caring parents working every day to ensure our children succeed!

North Side Community School operates across three campuses (early childhood center, elementary campus, and middle school campus). We are free (no tuition), public, and open to all. North Side consistently provides a high-quality education often ranked as one of the best public schools in the City of St. Louis and the State of Missouri. Most of our students live in the most challenging neighborhoods in St. Louis and 100% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Small class sizes, differentiated instruction, individualized attention, and AMAZING educators are the keys to our students’ success!


With a minimum starting salary of $35,000, we offer a generous compensation package including an array of benefits including assistance with advanced education.


Position Summary

North Side Community School is seeking full-time Special Education Paraprofessional. Under general supervision and direction of the Director of Student Support Services, the role of the paraprofessional in special education is to directly or indirectly assist and support in the provision of services to students with disabilities. The role and assignments of a paraprofessional are not defined by a particular student, setting or program but rather by students’ needs as determined by the IEP.

Essential Responsibilities:

The duties of the paraprofessional may vary based upon specific assignment. Duties may also change at any time based upon administration or teacher reexamination of student or program need. What follows is a non-inclusive list of duties which all paraprofessionals must be able to perform.

Supporting academic development:

Carry out the instructional programs and lessons as developed by the supervising teacher in all learning environments
Assist individual students or groups of students in performing activities initiated by the teacher
Individually or in small groups, reinforce concepts and skills introduced by the teacher in all learning environments
Keep students on task
Implement assistive technology
Implement accommodations indicated by the IEP (read tests aloud, take notes, enlarge materials, etc.) as directed by the special education teacher.

Supporting social integration:

Redirect behavior and implement behavior management plans
Facilitate interaction between students with disabilities and classmates
Teach and model strategies to peers about how to interact with the student with a disability.
Support the development of communication skills
Supporting functional skills
Assist the student with daily living skills and needs, such as eating, toileting, grooming, dressing, etc.
Assist in transferring, positioning and mobility needs as directed by physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other special education or related service providers

Serving as a communication link:

Provide the special education teacher/staff with information about general education assignments, activities and student participation and behavior
Inform general education staff about student programs and adaptations
Observe, record, and collect data as directed
As directed, share information with other paraprofessionals or family
Attend IEP meetings at the request of administrator, teacher, or parent

General support:

Assist special education teacher with clerical tasks, correcting of student work, and material or room preparations, and equipment maintenance
Intervene with other students about inappropriate behavior, language, or actions
Provide supervision and assistance on play grounds, in cafeteria, at assemblies, on field trips or other locations as directed for special education students

Skills & Characteristics: 

Works collaboratively on grade level and school-wide teams
Is discreet and respectful of confidential information
Demonstrates a warm and receptive attitude toward all students
Complies with school employment policies

North Side Community School is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a policy of equal treatment for all individuals applying to the school. North Side Community School does not discriminate based on race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

Education: One of the following qualifications is required,

60 college credit hours,
Associates degree or higher,
Missouri ParaPro Assessment passing score (before September 23, 2013)
Missouri Paraprofessional Assessment passing score (after September 23, 2013), or
Complete Missouri’s 20-hour online substitute training program

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