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Annual Title 1,2,4 Parent Meeting

We Love Our North Side Families!

Our philosophy at North Side is that the school alone does not educate a student. Rather, we do so in partnership with the family of each student.

This is one of the reasons we stress small class size and the concept of being a neighborhood school. We believe to be successful we must know not just the student, but the family of the student. When there are too many students in a classroom, the teacher is unable to know the families of all the students. Such a situation would be unacceptable to us.

Likewise, if our students were spread out geographically all over the city, it would be difficult for many parents to spend significant time at the school. They rarely would be able to observe their student at school, and rarely would be able to interact with teachers or principals on a personal level.

The support of at least one devoted family member in each North Side student’s home is crucial to their success here at school. 


The encouragement and praise for a job well done cannot be over-emphasized. Family support is also vital when a student has fallen short. North Side holds its students accountable, and it is important to their educational success that our families are committed to do the same.

If you are the parent, guardian or caregiver for one of our North Side scholars, we encourage you to get involved here. Be sure to learn more about our North Side Parent Organization (NPO), they would love to have you involved!

Parent Resources

This page provides access to explanations of family rights regarding public education here at North Side Community School. If you need further explanation of any of these rights or processes for accessing certain services, please contact the school directly.
  • Title I Program Parent Involvement: Page 22
  • Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA): Page 24
  • NSCS MOCAP Enrollment Policy: Page 25

Foster Care and Homeless Liaison – At North Side Community School, the foster care and homeless services point of contact is social worker Jessie Tavares who can be reached via email (by clicking her name) or by calling 314.499.2009 ext. 3404.

Family Handbooks