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Help Support Our Knights!

Explore a spectrum of impact through our diverse campaigns, each a gateway to positive change. From securing safe playgrounds and nurturing learning environments to fostering unity and empowering creativity, there’s a cause for every heart to rally behind. Join us in making a lasting difference that resonates far beyond our walls.

Clear Pathways to Confidence:
Frame Futures with Safety!

Illuminate the path to safety and learning by supporting our effort to install windows in classroom doors, ensuring a secure environment where students can flourish.

Pave the Way to Safety: Help Us Level the Path for Young Learners!

Join us in ensuring a secure playground experience by supporting our campaign to level and pave the blacktop, creating a safe haven for our young adventurers.

Empower Playtime:
Be the Spark for New Adventures!

Embark on a journey of fun and growth by contributing to our campaign for new playgrounds, where every donation paves the way for children’s laughter and boundless adventures.

Weave Imagination into Reality: Elevate Our Library's Story!

Join us in transforming our library into a world of wonder with new carpeting, where each step taken fosters creativity and a love for learning.

Elevate Learning Comfort:
Weaving Dreams into the Fabric of Education!

Help us create a cozy and inspiring atmosphere by backing our mission to bring new carpeting into our classrooms, where every step becomes a stride toward knowledge and growth.

Wear Success Together:
Dressing Dreams for Every Student's Journey!

Be a part of our community’s unity and pride by contributing to our initiative to provide uniforms for students, turning each uniform into a symbol of opportunity and unity.

Green Dreams Unleashed: Sow Turf, Reap Joy on Our Soccer Field!

Be a part of transforming our soccer field into a canvas of joy and unity by supporting our effort to sow turf, where every blade symbolizes shared victories and boundless possibilities.

Nourishing Hearts, Filling Futures: Planting a Campus Harvest Haven!

Cultivate compassion and eliminate hunger by supporting our initiative to plant a campus food pantry, where each donation grows into a lifeline for students in need.

Harmony Canvas:
Igniting Creativity with New Music & Art Equipment

Enriching our campus with new music and art equipment, we’re bridging classical melodies and innovative artistic mediums to ignite creativity and passion in our students. Join us in painting a brighter future through the power of expression.

Whispering Waves of Refreshment: Crafting New Bathrooms at Our Early Childhood Center

Embark on a journey of renewal as we strive to create an oasis of comfort and hygiene with new bathrooms at our Early Childhood Center, where each refreshing space whispers tales of care and growth.

Stepping into the Future:
Renewing Flooring at Elementary and ECC!

Join us in reimagining our spaces for tomorrow as we bring new flooring to both Elementary and ECC, where each step taken is a stride into a brighter and more inspiring educational landscape.

Seats of Potential:
Introducing New Student Desks to Inspire Learning!

Unveil the essence of possibility with our new student desks, where each seat is an invitation to a world of learning, creativity, and achievement.