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Pre-K Program

Pre-K students MUST be 4 years of age in order to enroll.

North Side Community School’s pre-k program was created in 2011 to ensure that 100% of students enter kindergarten with the cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral skills necessary to succeed. This full-day program is delivered by experienced early education teachers who love children. The program:

Is academically rigorous.

Teachers prepare our students for success in kindergarten. Each student masters a rigorous set of pre-kindergarten learning standards through work in the classroom and at home. Our program fosters an early love of reading and learning. We teach our students how to be independent, responsible learners. Among other skills, students master the alphabet, are able to count to 100, and begin to read and write. 

Is developmentally appropriate.

Our program engages students in active participatory learning, using adult-child interactions to support and teach through play. We take a problem-solving approach to dealing with conflict. Our students learn through exploring different interest areas each day and by participating in many different hands-on small group activities. 

Has demonstrated success.

Students that participate in one year of North Side’s pre-k program experience on average two years of academic growth. We make sure that we have data from formal and informal assessments that drive our instruction and prove that what we are doing is working.

Is family-centered.

Our school community is tight-knit. Over 70% of our pre-k students have an older sibling in elementary school at North Side. Our open-door policy and high expectations create an environment with great parental trust and involvement.

Doesn’t stop at pre-k.

Our pre-k program is different from many others because it was deliberately created as part of an elementary school. We know our pre-k students graduate into a high-quality elementary environment, and we track their continued success.