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A Typical School Day Of North Side Community School

The big yellow school buses roll onto campus as early as 7 a.m. The arrival and departure times for our scholars vary by campus.

Class Time

Morning classes are devoted to language arts and mathematics. If there is a single item that separates our school from any other it is our intentional focus on the basics first. Our children learn how to read, write, add, and subtract. They not only learn to read, but are encouraged to develop a passion for literacy throughout the day, in all classes.

Classes after lunch expand to explore science, social studies and creative pursuits such as art and music. Continuing with the close personal attention that comes with our 15-18/1 student/teacher ratio, our faculty work in small groups, and often one-on-one, to ensure that all of our students reach their highest potential.

Active and Outdoor

There are two outdoor recesses daily for students through fourth grade, weather permitting. Our physical education (PE) staff, classroom teachers, and interventionists actively participate in recesses. Every student participates in three PE sessions per week. Running, jumping, and ball skills are emphasized. 

Students enjoy our expansive eight-acre main campus including two playgrounds, wide-open fields, an outdoor classroom, and plenty of tree-shaded resting spots. Our large wooded campus, so unique to an urban school setting, offer opportunities for organized and free play as well as hands-on ways to learn about nature. Our gardens and flower beds allow students to experience harvesting and eating fresh, healthy herbs and vegetables.

Extended Day Enrichment

Our 2nd-8th graders continue their learning for an extra hour Monday-Thursday for three sessions throughout the year. On Fridays, they are dismissed with the lower grades. The activities are facilitated by school staff, nonprofit staff, and outstanding volunteers. Programs offered as part of our extended day include robotics, sports, journalism, coding, and poetry. We thank our Community Partners for giving our students such great opportunities to learn and do!