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Academic Philosophy

Annual Performance Report Results

Each year, North Side Community School eagerly anticipates the Annual Performance Report from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MO DESE). This comprehensive evaluation serves as a valuable benchmark, assessing the school’s achievements and areas for improvement. In the spirit of continuous growth, this year marks a renewed commitment to enhancing educational outcomes. North Side Community School is dedicated to building upon the successes of the past and implementing strategic measures to achieve even greater milestones. With a collective focus on improvement, the school community is excited to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the forthcoming report, aiming to further elevate the quality of education provided to its students.

2023 APR Results

2022 APR Results

2021 APR Results


Some of North Side’s greatest successes have to do with advancing the attitudes, behaviors, and habits of our scholars. The scope of these sometimes transformative shifts isn’t always reflected in test scores. An average test score can be outstanding when viewed in the context of a child’s past scores or life experiences. 

At North Side, it’s about doing your personal best. The school faculty and staff hold themselves to this same standard. As our culture has developed, a pattern of outstanding measurable results has emerged.

MAP Results

Guide to Interpreting MAP Results

North Side scholars outperform their peers year after year on Missouri’s annual standardized testing, known as MAP testing. Our MAP results are one strong piece of evidence illustrating that scholars are learning above and beyond expectations at North Side.

Due to the pandemic there were no state standardized tests in 2020. The charts below offer visual proof of the outstanding performance of North Side scholars in 2019 compared to nearby public schools (top chart), their peers* at elementary schools in St. Louis County’s top-performing district (middle), and other top-performing charter schools in St. Louis (bottom).

*The Super Subgroup consists of all students classified in any of the following categories: Black, Hispanic, IEP, ELL, qualifies for free/reduced lunch

MAP testing is not the only tool North Side uses to measure a student’s learning. We always look at a variety of indicators to improve students’ educational experiences.